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Hip Pain and Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most load bearing joints of the body is the Hip.  It plays a vital role in every movement that occurs from the lower back and down.  The hip is a ball and socket type of joint like the shoulder but very different in every other regard.  It is surrounded by a complex group of ligaments, tendons, muscles, bone and nerves.  At least 1/3 of motor vehicle accidents will result in knee, thigh or hip pain.  This can lead to symptoms in the thigh, groin, hip joint, buttocks, low back and legs.  Blunt force from the car can cause injuries in any of these areas.  If you happen to brace for impact with the feet on floorboard, that force is also transferred up into the hip and can cause injuries.  Common injuries in the hip region can be tendonitis, tendinosis, hip dislocation, bursitis, hip fracture or acetabular fracture.

A hip fracture can possibly occur to one of the three sections of hip.  The ileum is the top part of the hip bone and includes the crest of the pelvis.  The pubis is the lower part of the hip bone.  The final section is called the ischium and is the back part of the hip bone.  A break or fracture in any of the bones can occur and must be taken care of.

The acetabulum of the hip can also fracture.  This is the socket of the hip where your leg bone sits into.  Like the arm and the shoulder socket, you can also have an acetabular fracture.  This is also an emergency case that must be taken care of.

The hip can also dislocate where the bone that connects the thigh to the pelvis shifts around the acetabulum.  An unattended hip fracture can lead to degeneration and death of the bone material called avascular necrosis.  This shift can also create tears around the hip socket.

The bursa of the hip can become irritated and inflamed leading to a common condition referred to as bursitis.  This is one of the leading causes of hip pain.  There are around 160 different bursae in the body.  They prevent bones from rubbing against the tendons providing a cushion.  Even if not in an accident, this condition still affects about 15% of women and 8% men yearly.

Tendonitis of the hip is another common ailment that results from motor vehicle accidents.  This is inflammation of the tendons in hip.  The tendon can be thought of as the cable which anchors muscles to bone.  If it is overly stressed or overly strained/stretched, it will get irritated and inflamed.  If irritated long enough this will turn into tendinosis from chronic inflammation.  Tendons of the body typically take longer to heal due to their lack of blood supply.

These are all conditions that come from the force of the car accident which is translated into the body.   Each of these needs to be properly evaluated by a health care professional to determine the immediate need for surgery, physical therapy or complete rest.  If left unattended, the consequences of a hip injury can turn into a chronic problem and eventually affect everything you do in daily life.

— This article is written by Aaron Workman, DC  one of the members of Chambers Medical Group’s team of car accident chiropractors who offer a variety of treatments and therapies ranging from diagnostic testing to various soft tissue therapies for car accidents and injuries in Kentucky.


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