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About Chambers Medical Group in Louisville, KY

Chambers medical group has two locations for auto injury care in Louisville, KY. There are car accident chiropractors and doctors on Dixie Highway, as well as on Breckenridge Lane.

Chambers Medial Group is a multi-specialty medical group located at 8019 Dixie Highay and 4072 Taylorsville Road in Lousivlle, KY. Chambers Medical Group has a complete team of auto-injury care doctors and car accident chiropractors in Louisville, Kentucky. With 25+ years of experience in auto-injury care, Chambers Medical Group offers a full array of medical services from diagnostic testing to massage therapy for auto accident patients in Louisville, KY. You can receive the proper medical care and treatment for your auto injury in one convenient office with a single phone call.

Car accident injuries can make travel and motion uncomfortable immediately after an auto accident and we are happy to provide transportation if needed initially. Chambers Medical Group can treat patients from a single location with ailments such as:

Auto-Injury Doctors in Louisville, KY

Chambers Medical Group has a team of experienced physicians that focus on evaluating and treating car accident injuries in Louisville, KY. Our auto-accident physician team works closely with our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists to provide optimal treatment plans based on specific needs and auto-accident related injuries.

- Stephen F. Chambers, M.D., MBA, MPH - Auto Injury Doctor in Louisville, KY
- Thomas Schroeder, M.D., - Emergency & Occupational Medicine in Louisville, KY
- Louis Anthony Leskosky, M.D., - Radiologist in Louisville, KY

Auto-Injury Chiropractors in Louisville, KY

Chambers Medical Group has a team of experienced chiropractors that focus on evaluating and treating car accident injuries that relate to back pain and spinal injuries in Louisville, KY. Our auto-accident chiropractor works closely with the medical doctors and massage therapists to ensure optimal care is provided for patients in Kentucky.

- Dr. Cunningham, D.C. – Car Accident Chiropractor in Louisville, KY

Benefits of seeing a chiropractor after an auto accident:

- Reduces inflammation
- Non-invasive treatment
- Reduces scar tissue
- Pain relief without the use of drugs
- Reduces pain throughout entire body
- Avoid long term pain
- Restores range of motion

No-Fault Doctors in Louisville, KY

Often times your family doctor will refuse to treat auto accident injuries. The main reason for this is no-fault car insurance. Most doctors and medical clinics do not want to treat patients with this type of insurance for multiple different reasons.

If you are in a no-fault car accident in Louisville, Kentucky, then contact the PIP medical doctors at Chambers Medical Group. Our auto-injury doctors have the necessary experience when it comes to handling and billing car insurance companies and personal injury protection medical claims.

Auto-Injury Massage Therapy in Louisville, KY

Chambers Medical Group has a team of experienced massage therapists that support the medical doctors and chiropractors in Louisville, KY. Our massage therapists are experienced at working with auto-injury patients and perform a critical role in helping patients relax and reducing inflammation.

Benefits of seeing a massage therapist after an auto-accident:

- Deactivates and eliminates trigger points.
- Heats tissue and promotes muscle relaxation
- Increases circulation of oxygen and nutrients to, and inflammatory and waste products from, the tissue.
- Reduces adhesions and scar tissue thus increasing joint range of motion
- Relieves stress

What type of diagnostics can be performed
at the Louisville Auto Injury Clinics?

Chambers Medical Group uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to perform auto-injury diagnostics in Louisville, KY and can be done on site.

The Typical Auto-Injury Treatment Process at our Louisville Clinics

On your first visit, you will see an auto-injury physician who will ask you many questions and evaluate your auto-injury. After your initial evaluation, you will be sent to the therapy area of our office (if ordered by physician). Following that, therapies may include:

- Massage Therapy
- Ultrasound
- Electromuscular Stimulation
- Heat or Cryotherapy
- Cervical Traction
- Neuromuscular Re-Education

or a combination of therapies as prescribed by your physician. Our approach to auto-injury care allows us to create unique treatment plans suited each for patient.

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