Rehabilitative Exercise Programs

Rehabilitative Exercise Programs

Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

Learn more about Rehabilitative Exercise Programs & treatment for car accident injuries.

Rehabilitative Exercise Programs for Car Accident Injuries

Rehabilitative exercise programs for car accident injuries use active and passive stretches that improve the body's range of motion and posture.

Benefits Include:

  • Warms up muscle tissue through actively moving within the body's current range of motion.
  • Helps soften restrictive connective tissue.
  • Increases blood flow to the area.
  • Provides for easier movement of the musculoskeletal system.

Drink lots and lots of water!

With just a little therapy time and a lot of water drinking, you can feel better faster!

Rehabilitative Exercise Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is rehabilitative exercise?

Rehabilitation is the process of working to reduce pain and regain function after an injury. Rehabilitation exercises can vary depending on the type of injury, but their purpose is to help restore range of motion, strength, and bring a patient back to their normal activity level. Rehabilitative exercises take time, and it is crucial that the patient listens to their physical therapist, do their exercises on a regular basis, and make adjustments over time.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

During your first visit for a rehabilitative exercise program, you will be evaluated by a physical therapist who will then develop a course of action for your treatment. You will be instructed on the types of physical therapeutic exercises and learn how to manage and care for your pain symptoms after your auto accident. You will likely be given exercises to complete during your own time at home to help facilitate your healing process.

What is the process of rehabilitation?

Many physical therapists abide by a four-stage rehabilitation process. They are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Rest, protect injured area, control swelling and pain
  • Stage 2: Restore joint motion and muscle flexibility
  • Stage 3: Restore muscle strength, power, and endurance
  • Stage 4: Restore normal functions (coordination, balance, agility)

What types of injuries can rehab exercise programs help heal?

Rehabilitative exercise programs can be used for essentially any type of physical injury. For patients that have been involved in an auto accident, these are the most common forms of ailments that rehab exercise programs treat:

  • Whiplash injury and neck pain (headaches, muscle spasms)
  • Numbness and nerve damage in limbs
  • Back injury (limited range of motion, nerve pain)
  • Restoring coordination and balance

Are all rehabilitative exercise programs the same?

No. In fact, depending on the injury, lifestyle, level of activity, etc., rehabilitative exercise programs are customized for every patient. This way, patients can get back to their normal routines in the most effective and efficient way possible. These customized plans will also help patients to prevent injuries in the future.

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Rehabilitation exercise provides pain relief, reduces inflammation, improves mood, reduces anxiety and fatigue. It also helps with balance, prevents falls and improves sleep quality. It is a muscle relaxant, helps with concentration, boosts the immune system, improves bone health and sleep!


There are many important benefits of rehab exercise. Exercise rehab can alleviate pain and restore movement and function of an injured area by focusing on flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance.

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