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Achy Bones or Tendons?

Most of us expect achy joints as we age. This became more evident to me as I turned the 40 yr. old
mark and am now closing in on 50. There are times I wake up in the morning and feel as though I
overused a body part from the day before. After waking up and being mobile over the next few hours,
many notice their aches ease up and they can continue their day. Common areas are the knees, ankles,
wrist, fingers, or shoulders. Is it really pain from the bones or are the other tissues involved? Tendinosis
is another condition which can occur as we get older. The bones of the body will degenerate over time
and so do the tendons. Over the years the tendons can collect tiny tears that made the tissue become a
disorganized mess. This frequently occurs in areas such as Achilles (heel), knee, hip, elbow, and
shoulder. There are many reasons it can occur ranging from athletics to simple repetitive movements
from different jobs. The result is the achiness and stiffness that seems to persist daily.

Tendons are the connectors between the muscle and the bones. They are made of a strong material
referred to as collagen. This material resists the tensions and force of everyday life, slips and falls,
sports and in my profession motor vehicles accidents. If too much constant force happens over an
extended amount of time, it can cause tears in the tendon or a thickening that leads to tendinosis. You
may have heard of tendonitis which also will affect tendons. These conditions are very similar involving
pain and inflammation, but tendonitis usually only has pain in the tendons due to the inflammation. In
tendinosis, you will also have a degrading tendon or damage in the tendon with pain.

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