Growing Pains, What are They?

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April 6, 2023
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Growing Pains

There was a time I can recall as a child, sitting in the doctor’s office and hearing my discomfort called
“Growing Pains.” Who knew growing up could be so painful? I do not recall exactly how I felt but I
vaguely remember my legs being achy. From that point forward I assumed growing up was going to be
painful at times and did not look forward to feeling that way. Over the years, any discomfort in my legs
was just labeled as growing pains and I went on with growing up. I don’t recall that discomfort
continuing for very long and at this point in life the only time I think about it is when my kids complain
about their legs hurting for no reason.

What are growing pains? It is a diagnosis that is given after everything else has been excluded. If the
child has complained of leg pain and the doctor has found nothing seriously wrong, then growing pains
as an explanation will likely be given. There are many different reasons given for this type of pain.
Typically, these are bone stress, overuse, or injury from overload or overuse and the lengthening of long
bones of the body. Some of the most common causes may include a family history of growing pains,
kids with a low pain tolerance, bad posture, and low vitamin D levels. Yet, none of these have been
consistently shown to be the main cause. These types of pain do not typically occur at the growth plates
and are not common in peak periods of growth. There is no specific age when this will occur, but
typically under the age of 12-13. Growing pains are usually a short period of pain but can also last into
adolescence. My older child is a great example of what may be diagnosed as growing pains. He is a 14-
year-old busy kid but over the last 4 or 5 years has had various complaints of leg pain. His complaints
were usually vague and nothing he could pinpoint. There were no specific injuries or traumas that
preceded his symptoms. He typically complained later in the day and felt like he needed his legs or arms
“massaged.” He was able to participate in multiple sports and activities and we never prevented him
from being active because he would mention his legs hurting. Since this is a vague diagnosis and hard to
pinpoint, there are no specific treatments. We made sure he had good sleeping habits. He took warm
baths when he felt he needed to. If the complaint was more than usual, an ibuprofen may have been
given if it was interfering with an activity.


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