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January 20, 2023
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LED vs Halogen Headlights

For many years headlights were all the same.  We had one option of light, and the only thing of concern was it fitting your particular vehicle.  Headlights have been around since cars.  The option for us has been Halogen.  I have used halogen lights since starting driving.  It was only in the last 5 years that I swapped out my halogen bulbs for a set of light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs.  This was a very easy process but was it beneficial?  Manufacturers seem to think so as most cars being produced now come with LED lamps.

Halogen lights are a modified incandescent bulb that is comprised of a tungsten filament in glass bulb with various gases.  When activated they present with a yellowish glow.  They are typically cheap bulbs that are easy to replace.  Over the years we have gone to the local auto parts store, purchased halogens, pop the hood and replaced them.  They are still common in most less expensive cars due to their low cost of replacement and manufacturing.  They have some good aspects but over time we now have a more “Clear” option.

Halogens’ main positives are the price.  They are easy to replace and easy to find.  If you are driving at night in the rain the price of your headlights may not be an issue for you.  If you would like to have more visibility you may want to try LED.  The efficiency of halogens is much less also, consuming around 80% more energy than LED headlights.

LED headlights make a very bright white light.  They accomplish this by passing a current through semiconductors that in turn emit photons. They consume very little power overall while giving you a brighter whiter light.  They tend to last longer than standard halogen bulbs.  LED lighting is more expensive but still will last longer.  On average, the LED can last up to 10x longer.  They are much brighter but if positioned wrong can be blinding for oncoming traffic.  LED lighting is 80% more efficient.  If your vehicle is relying on all battery power for function then every watt of power efficiency for different parts of the car is a crucial part of manufacturing.  LED are more versatile and can be made in many shapes and sizes and can be configured into any vehicle.

Of all cars being made globally, over 60% of vehicles have LED lights.   After switching my lights to LED, I would never use halogen again.  They are a stronger, brighter and more efficient light that makes them a better choice if you are in the market for new lights.  They also come as kits that can easily be swapped out with older halogen lighting.  If you are having problems with visibility while driving at night or in inclement conditions, I would recommend giving LED headlights a try.

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