How to Avoid Snoring

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5 Tips to Avoid Snoring

Snoring may seem like a harmless annoyance, but for many, it is a nightly song that disrupts their sleep and the sleep of their loved ones. So, what exactly causes snoring, and what can we do to help ourselves and those around us get a quieter, more restful night’s sleep? Dr. Aaron Workman of Chambers Medical Group, one of the highest rated auto injury medical teams in Lexington, looks into snoring and goes over some tips to help ourselves and others.

Why Do We Snore?

To understand snoring, we first need to know how our breathing works during sleep. When we sleep, our throat muscles relax. For some, this relaxation narrows the airway, creating resistance to the flow of air. As we breathe in and out, the air encounters this resistance, leading to the vibration of the surrounding tissues. It is not like the “Good Vibrations” song as these vibrations produce the familiar sound we call snoring.

Several factors contribute to snoring:

  1. Anatomy: The structure of your throat and nasal passages can play a big role in snoring. A low, thick, soft palate or an elongated uvula can narrow the airway. Additionally, nasal congestion can lead to mouth breathing, increasing the likelihood of snoring.
  1. Sleep Position: My sleep position sometimes results in snoring. Sleeping on your back often allows the base of your tongue and soft palate to collapse to the back wall of your throat, causing a vibrating sound during breathing.
  1. Alcohol and Sedatives: Consuming alcohol or sedative medications relax the muscles in your throat, increasing the chances of snoring.
  1. Obesity: Excess body weight, especially around the neck, can put pressure on your throat, narrowing the airway and contributing to snoring.
  1. Age: As we get older, our throat muscles tend to weaken, making snoring more common in older adults.

Now that we understand why snoring occurs, here are 5 things you can do to reduce or maybe eliminate your snoring:

  1. Change Sleep Position: If you are a back sleeper like me, try sleeping on your side. This simple adjustment can often reduce snoring. If I do not sleep on my side, I tend to get an elbow in the side in the middle of the night to help roll me over. Elevating your head by using a thicker pillow or an adjustable bed can also help keep your airway open.
  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight: Losing excess weight, especially if you carry it around your neck, can significantly improve snoring.
  1. Avoid Alcohol and Sedatives: Limiting alcohol intake and avoiding sedative medications, especially in the evening, can help prevent muscle relaxation in your throat.
  1. Treat Nasal Congestion: If nasal congestion is a contributing factor, consider using saline nasal sprays or nasal strips to keep your nasal passages open.
  1. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can make snoring worse. Ensure you are well-hydrated throughout the day.

Snoring can be a nightly nuisance, but understanding its causes and taking proactive steps to address them can lead to quieter, more restful nights.  If snoring persists despite your efforts, consult a healthcare professional to rule out any underlying issues and ensure your sleep quality remains at its best.

— This article is written by Aaron Workman, DC, one of the members of Chambers Medical Group’s team of car accident chiropractors who offer a variety of treatments and therapies ranging from diagnostic testing to various soft tissue therapies for car accidents and injuries in Kentucky.

















































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