Are Trampolines Really Safe for Kids?

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Trampoline Safety and Kids

I am a father of four wonderful kids and have run into the same conversation many times when addressing trampolines and my kids.  We end up at a party with other friends or kids.  That parent has “the trampoline” in their backyard.  These are all usually the same.  Large trampolines with netting so your kid doesn’t fly off the sides.  My kids run up to my wife and ask to go play and I get the “Go ask your dad.”   My kids then come to me with their excitement, and I trample their fun and tell them “No.”  This was standard reply for the first two children.  The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that trampolines are dangerous and should be avoided.  I do not tell my kids this I just tell them “Because I said so.”

Why the fuss?  There are around 100,000 trips to the emergency departments a year with trampoline injuries and most of those are between the ages of 5 to 14.  There are close to 500 of those which lead to permanent neurological damage.  Most of the injuries take place within the lower parts of the body and most commonly sprains or strains.  A third of the injuries resulted in long bone fractures in the extremities, usually the lower arm from falling on outstretched hand. The injuries occur from improper landings, bumping into another child, falling off trampoline or hitting the trampoline frame. Seventy-five percent of the injuries occur when there are multiple children jumping.  Knowing this fact can help us reduce the risk just by addressing the number of kids jumping at one time.  Young kids get injuries 14x the number of older kids.

As my kids grew so did my views.  We discovered trampoline centers that hosted jump birthday parties.  Several businesses around town were very nice trampoline centers with their own sets of rules that decreased the risks of injuries.  I adapted my views with the next two children.  We moved to a different area and our neighbor has the standard trampoline in their back yard.  Watching the kids play, jump, flip and wrestle, we developed our own rules to allow our kids to play.  Our smallest child was only allowed on the trampoline with limited smaller children and always supervised.  Once my bigger kids decided to get on, they were only allowed when no other kids were on.    My biggest kids are limited with the crazy things they attempt on the backyard trampolines which usually are the flips.  They have more leeway at the trampoline centers but only if we are around and the place is not crowded.  Up to this point we have found this balance to work.  Our kids get the joy of jumping and we as parents get peace of mind from trips to urgent care.   To my recall we have had a few minor sprains with my older kids but those have been manageable at home.

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