How to Know if Your Accident Doctor Knows What He/She is Doing on Your First Visit

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How to know if your Accident Doctor knows what he/she is doing on your first visit

Stephen F. Chambers, M.D, M.B.A., M.P.H.

In this review we will go over a few things that a car accident patient should be aware of when evaluating the physician that they have chosen to care for them while they are being treated for injuries sustained in a car accident.

  • Does the doctor introduce himself while looking you squarely in the eye? Does he/she look neat and professional?
  • Does the doctor hear every word that you are saying, and does he act genuinely interested in what you have to say? As we age frequently our hearing isn’t what it used to be…so make sure that your doctor hears every word of what you are saying.
  • It is important for the doctor to learn everything about your accident. Does he ask about the following?
    • Your position in the car
    • Where you were hit
    • Speed at which you were traveling
    • Seat belts
    • Air bag deployed
    • Blow to the head
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Type of car you were driving and type of car that hit you
    • Was an ambulance required
    • Did you seek medical attention immediately after the accident?

If there was a time lag between being in an accident and seeking medical care…this must be discussed and documented in the medical record. Your physician can not ask too many questions!

  • Does your doctor ask about your general health and any chronic medical conditions that you may have? Does he document your current medications and previous surgeries you may have had?
  • Does this doctor ask you about every ache and pain you are currently experiencing as a result of the accident, and does he ask this in detail? If the doctor does not document every complaint that you have…then that particular injury never happened as far as the insurance company is concerned. It is imperative for the doctor to document every complaint that you have, as it relates to the car accident.
  • When the doctor starts his physical examination, please be sure that you show him every cut, bruise, or abrasion that you may have incurred as a result of the accident. He must describe each of these in detail in the medical record.
  • Is the physician thorough on his physical exam?
    • Does he check your eyes
    • Range of motion of the neck and back
    • Check for muscle tightness and spasm
    • Check for muscle strength in the legs and arms
    • Does he examine every area where there was a complaint or concern?

In this article we have given you the basics to evaluate your treating accident doctor. If the doctor does not perform most of these things that I have mentioned…you may want to consider finding another doctor. If you are unhappy with your current care, don’t hesitate to come us and choose one of our excellent accident doctors. Best of luck with your healing!

If you or somebody you know has been in a car accident, be sure that you seek medical attention from a car accident doctor or car accident chiropractor to treat your injuries. Visit Chambers Medical Group  to receive world-class medical treatment for your injuries.

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