Make Money and Get Healthy?

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Making Money while Getting Healthy

In these difficult times where prices for everyday items are rising, making money while getting healthy is a win-win solution.

If you work for a business or company that gives out incentives for various health check-points, do so! For example, some health insurance companies have a system where you earn points for reaching step goals and other goals that you can redeem for cash and other prizes. When your company has contests to reach certain health milestones, sign up! Even if you do not win any prizes, being healthier makes you richer in a different way.

But even if your company does not have any promotions or contests, you can do it on your own. Here are some of the programs available that anyone can participate in, but as the saying goes…to make money, you have to spend money. There are many other companies that provide contests but I am listing the two that I have used personally.

HealthyWage is a company that provides weight loss challenges where you bet on yourself to make your weight loss goal. Before you commit to the program, you decide how many pounds you want to lose in a certain time frame (from 6-18 months). But you also have to commit on a certain amount that you want to bet each month (from $5-$945/month). After its calculations, the program will list the value amount that you will earn if you reach your goal weight in the time you stated you will. Changing any of the variables, such as how much weight you will lose, length of time to reach your goal and the amount of the bet each month will change the prize amount. For example, if I bet that I will lose 25lbs. in 6 months, betting $100/month, I will win $629.32 + $600 (money I paid in) for a 104.89% return on my investment—investment in myself.

Waybetter is the parent company for DietBet and StepBet. Waybetter has contests geared more in improving yourself in a holistic, total body, and mindful way. There are contests for weight lifting, stretching your muscles, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, finding motivation and reaching your goals, gratitude attitude and practicing self-care.

DietBet has different contests or games where you bet on yourself to lose a percentage of your weight in a certain amount of time. Each game has a bet amount that gets added to the ‘pot’. It can be as low as 4% of your weight in 4 weeks up to 10% of your weight in 6 months. Unlike HealthyWage, though, you cannot change the variables. You can join multiple games at the same time. When you win your bet, at the minimum, you win your bet amount back. To win extra money or make a profit, this depends on other people in the same game as you. When other people do not reach their goal, they are eliminated from the game and their bet money gets added to the pot that is divided amongst the winners, after the company takes their cut. Depending on the game, the company will take 10-25% of the pot.

StepBet has games where you have to reach your step amounts for each week for the length of the game. The last time I participated, the first week of the 6-week game was the warm-up…time to troubleshoot any issues with syncing your equipment (Fitbit, Garmin watch, Apple watch or phone) to the game and to get you familiar with how the game is played. No one can get eliminated during this week. For the step goals, there are 4 days of active days and then 2 days of power days for each week. Unlike DietBet when people are eliminated if they do not reach their goal weight at the end of the game, StepBet participants can be eliminated continuously throughout the game.

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