The Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Doctor as Revealed to Medical Aspirants

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If you nourish the dream of becoming a doctor, you are surely a very friendly and generous person who aims to make all the difference in the hardest of life situations, that is illnesses and other serious diseases or injuries. You are going to face people from different social conditions whose pain and suffering might sometimes be larger than you can expect. If you feel that you are well prepared for such professional experiences, you are already half way there on the path to becoming a great doctor, regardless of the specific medical sector that you will choose.

4 Advantages Of Being A Doctor

You already know that you need to take a long and hard education. University courses and specific training classes are essential educational tools that will give you the necessary competence to understand more of your future job as a doctor. In the meanwhile, you will also understand what difficulties you are likely to go through working as a doctor (it’s actually important for you to know in advance about most common obstacles in your future job).

Now, let’s see what main advantages you will certainly get from your medical profession:training for aspirant doctors

  1. Help people. Yeah, you will have plenty of opportunities to help people in need and that will make you see that you can make the difference in their life. Every time you will give your patients a treatment, they will feel how important your efforts are.
  2. Society respects doctors. This might be assumed as a worldwide statement. In fact, doctors are always respected regardless of where they work in this world. That’s a very gratifying aspect of becoming a doctor!
  3. Financial deal. Doctors are usually provided numerous financial benefits, first of all a generous salary supplemented with extra discounts or special status that allow all doctors to save money on public services.
  4. Professional opportunities. A career as a doctor is not a simple thing. You can actually have many job opportunities available at the same time. As a result, you can decide to join privately owned clinics or hospitals while working in a medical laboratory, for example.

In addition to these 4 main advantages, we can also mention the fact that doctors may work for poor areas where there aren’t basic medical services (for example, in African or small Indian villages). So, doctors do really have the power to improve needy communities all over the world.

5 Little Known Cons

So, if you think now that working as a doctor is an exciting choise for life, just consider that there are also some more aspects that you’d better know, as well. Here we want to highlight a few negative points about medical careers. It’s not to discourage you to follow your dream, but it’s just to provide you a 360-degree overview about what you will go through.

  1. Education. This is the biggest obstacle to becoming a doctor. Many University students do actually give up their dream because of the course duration and, as a consequence, of the high fees for University courses. Completing the necessary education for an aspiring doctor takes from 7 to 8 years.  Even if you want to apply to private medical colleges, you won’t find any easier conditions.
  2. Ongoing Education. We talked about the basic education, but all doctors continue learning with ongoing education. Now, as you can imagine, the costs for continuing education may vary a lot according to what specific courses you have to take, but the bottom line is that a doctor never stops to study… doctors are sort of students for life!
  3. Working Hours. Doctors have to work on a very busy daily schedule, including night surgery sessions, emergency surgery and many more tasks that require extra working hours. This is also an explanation for their reasonably high salary.
  4. Responsibilities. Without a doubt, doctors have a very big responsibility when they deal with patients. Each detail has to be seriously studied before giving a patient a treatment. There’s no room for mistake.
  5. Stress. Long working hours plus huge responsibilities might easily contribute to stressful conditions in a doctor’s life. This professional stress will easily influence their private life, as well.

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