6 Most Frequent Car Accident Injuries In 2019

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October 12, 2016
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Driving a car is not always a simple thing – although millions of people drive their vehicles every day, our roads aren’t as safe as we tend to think. Sometimes the road conditions are the cause of serious car accidents; other times, it might happen that the driver gets distracted by something or someone which can also cause catastrophic car accidents.

Impact Of Car Accident Injuries On Your Life

One thing is for sure: a car accident can happen and it happens when you least expect it. It’s true that not all car accidents have disastrous consequences; in fact, there are certain car collisions that can be easily fixed out if nothing by the vehicles get damaged (it’s enough to take your car to a good mechanic to get it repaired). If both parties are insured, the car insurance companies will take care to provide their clients with a money refund for the accident.

But when you get injured, your life can change consequently. Some people develop depression after car accident injuries, while other people feel scared of cars and they don’t want to drive anymore… everyone reacts in their own way. Anyway, it’s important to have a good personal injury lawyer by your side to build a claim for recovery and to follow and accompany you through your path to rehabilitation after the car accident.

List Of Most Typical Car Accident Injuries

It’s important to underline that there are a few most common car accident injuries ranging from very slight injuries upwards to very serious personal injuries:car accident injury

  1. Whiplash consists of muscle, ligament and tendon injuries. It’s a very common type of personal injury and it’s generally not so serious when compared to other injuries. Whiplash is caused by a sudden movement of your body during the car accident, your bones won’t get broken at all but your soft tissues will get overcharged with the body weight, which causes immediate pain.
  2. Cuts are also very frequent types of personal injuries during car accidents. They are caused by the impact of your car. Sometimes cuts are also caused by loose objects in your car that hurt your body during the car accident. Cuts need to be treated as soon as possible because they cause infections.
  3. Traumatic brain injuries involve the head and can cause immediate complications that might even last for years or for long term. Brain injuries and head traumas need immediate assistance by doctors because of their potential long-term consequences on the patient’s life.
  4. Certain bones of our body, like ribs, are particularly fragile. During a violent car impact, ribs might break, especially if you are pushed outside of the car or towards other parts of the car. Such a physical impact require long periods of rest and, of course, the immediate help of qualified doctors.
  5. Bleeding is possibly one of the most typical physical injuries during a car accident. Either you are bleeding from your nose, lips or you have internal bleeding, you need urgent help and assistance to stop the blood flow. In particular, internal bleeding represents the most serious injuries, because most of the times people (included the patient) can’t actually see the bleeding.
  6. Herniated disc is another frequent personal injury which can happen during a car accident. It’s similar to broken bones as it consists of the rupture of one or more vertebrae of your spine.

Other Consequences After A Car Accident

It’s not a rule that car drivers/passengers have to get injured during a car accident. It might also happen that both parties don’t get any injury, yet they might suffer from mental and emotional disorders due to the accident. Car accidents, even the simplest ones, may easily turn into psychological traumas: feeling guilty for the damages to the car and/or objects or people is one of the most common reactions.

Some people have frequent nightmares after the day of the car accident. Consider that even a car lockout emergency may become a nightmare: by luck, you can call a qualified car locksmith from https://www.ontimelocksmiths.com/emergency-locksmith to help you get back on the road safe and sound.

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