How to Find a Doctor After a Car Accident

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How to find a doctor after a car accident

How Do You Find a Doctor After a Car Accident?

If you have been in a car accident, one of the first things you must do is seek medical attention. Your injuries may not be visible, or you may not feel any pain at first, but keep in mind that many injuries can manifest later, and they can be extremely serious, sometimes even life-threatening. However, when you need treatment for car accident injuries, it is important to find the right doctor. In such cases, your doctor must know the processes involved in billing and dealing with auto insurance companies, and most doctors have no interest in dealing with auto insurance carriers.

Tips to Find the Right Doctor After a Car Accident

Many primary care doctors do not accept Med Pay or PIP (Personal Injury Protection) as they are not set up for that type of billing. Like other physicians, they want payment as services are rendered, and therefore do not accept auto insurance. Here is a look at how you can find a doctor who will treat you after a car accident.

  • Look for Doctors Who Know How to Document Injuries: Just because a doctor knows how to treat injuries sustained in a car accident, it does not necessarily mean that they have the knowledge on how to prepare the proper notes and documentations of the injuries. Their notes and documentations need to be thorough to meet the requirements that the auto insurance providers are going to request to pay all your medical bills.
  • Find Doctors with Experience in Billing Auto Insurance Companies: Needless to say, it is extremely important to find a doctor who has experience in billing car insurance providers for medical bills. Because the procedures for such billing are different from billing health insurance companies, most physicians do not know how to bill auto insurance companies. There are many doctors who limit their practice to treating car accident injuries and have the knowledge and experience needed to properly bill auto insurers.
  • Ask People You Trust: If you still have not found the right doctor to treat you after an auto accident after looking for the criteria mentioned above, try asking family and friends if they have ever been in a car accident. If so, ask them for the name of the doctor they went to and if they were satisfied with the treatment and the way the doctor dealt with the auto insurance company. If they were, you can go to the same doctor for your car accident injuries. Another excellent resource is asking a personal injury lawyer with experience in car accidents. These lawyers can provide you with a list of doctors with experience in dealing with patients who were involved in car accidents.

If you have been in a car accident, it is extremely important that you find doctors who are not only experienced in treating car accident injuries, but also in billing car insurance companies for medical bills and writing records for motor vehicle accidents. If you have been injured in an auto accident, keep in mind that seeing the right doctor may be critical to the integrity of any personal injury case. Make sure that you take the time to find the best doctor to treat your injuries and help with your personal injury claim with a car insurance company.

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