How Chiropractic Care Benefits Your Child

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how chiropractic can benefit your child

How Chiropractic Care Benefits Your Child

As you know, chiropractic care can result in significant improvements in health and wellness for adults. But did you know that children can benefit from visiting a chiropractor too? Chiropractic care offers numerous advantages for your child, so it is wise to make visits to your chiropractor as a regular part of your little one’s healthcare plan. It is a fantastic thing for their overall health and gives you peace of mind.


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According to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE), more than 17% of all chiropractic patients in the United States are under 18 years of age. Of that 17%, nearly 8% are aged 5 or younger. Although it may seem that chiropractic is not necessary at a young age, starting children with preventative care at an early age in life will set them up for health and well-being that lasts their entire lifetime. So, if you have not considered chiropractic care for your child’s routine healthcare plan, it is important to note that chiropractic is an essential part of his overall wellness.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Your Child

Here is a look at some of the major benefits that chiropractic care has to offer your child.

  • Supports Constant Growth: As children grow and change at a fast rate, it is especially important to make sure that they receive care from a pediatric chiropractor. When your little one’s body is properly aligned, he can grow the way he is naturally supposed to, without any extra pressure on certain muscles or bones. Chiropractic care provides the support your child needs as he constantly grows and develops.
  • Supports the Immune System: With regular chiropractic care, your child’s immune system is able to work at its most effective, allowing his body to be in top shape. It is important to bear in mind that children’s immune systems can be immature. In such cases, it is crucial to make sure that they function as well as they can, and chiropractic can help achieve that.
  • Provides Proper Adjustments to Help with Tumbles: Children, no matter what their age, jump, fall, and play hard. Due to this, it is important that they have regular adjustments. Even toddlers need chiropractic adjustments as they learn about gravity and balance. When your child receives regular adjustments from an experienced chiropractor, it helps in ensuring that he does not harm himself when he has a few tumbles and allows him to use his body to its full potential.
  • Promotes Sleep: Does your little one have trouble sleeping? It could be because his body is not properly aligned. When your child’s body is properly aligned, it will help in making sure that he sleeps well – and so will you. A chiropractic adjustment will also help ensure that your little one does not have any tension or pain that he cannot tell you about, and is preventing him from getting a good night’s sleep. Regular chiropractic care promotes sleep and helps your child get the rest and sleep he needs as he grows and develops.
  • Helps with Colic Pain: Did you know that nerve compromise can be caused by birth trauma – even from so-called natural birth? Because he is unable to communicate, your little one constantly cries. This nerve compromise may be fixed with chiropractic care and make your child feel much better and happier. If you have a colicky child and nothing that your pediatrician tries seems to correct the problem, you should definitely turn to a chiropractor for help.
  • Treats Constipation: When there is spinal misalignment, the existing nerves can be aggravated and decrease the function of the nervous system, and eventually the intestines. This can cause constipation. This problem can be extremely uncomfortable, sometimes painful, even for adults. Can you imagine how your child feels when he is constipated? Chiropractic care can be extremely helpful in improving the function of the nervous system, thus helping to improve the symptoms of constipation.
  • Helps with ADD/ADHD: Believe it or not, there have been quite a few studies that show that chiropractic care can help make positive transformations in children with ADD/ADHD. Although it is yet to be proven, there has been some research that even suggests that chiropractic treatment could be more effective in treating these disorders than medication. Many parents have spoken about how they believe that chiropractic has helped in the improvement of their child’s ADHD.

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