Billing / Collections Specialists / Medical Records

Richard Ackley, Corporate Headquarters

Verifications Specialist

Richard has 30 years of experience in retail management and 12 year's experience working for Pitney Bowes in billing, A/P, and collections. He is a two-time Employee of the Month and has received 60 attendance awards. Richard has completed 300 training hours with Pitney Bowes. He is married and has four children and 11 grandchildren. He is an avid movie watcher and owns an extensive movie collection.

Orlinda Bridgham, Corporate Headquarters

Verifications Specialist

Orlinda has 15 year's experience in the medical field. Orlinda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Kaplan University. She is married and has her children and owns one cat and an Iguana. In her spare time, Orlinda enjoys going to the beach and exercising.

Donna Denhoff, Corporate Headquarters

Collections Specialist

Donna is a life-long Brandon resident who started working with the Chambers Medical Group in August of 2013. She brings with her extensive experience working in medical offices. Donna is married with three children. Her favorite hobby takes place in the kitchen as she loves to cook.

Veronica Judd, Corporate Headquarters

Claims Specialist

Veronica is currently attending St. Petersburg College to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Photographic Technology. She owns a pet hedgehog named Cecil and in her spare time enjoys photography, reading books, cooking, crafts, and spending time outside.

Stephanie Thomas, Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Collections Specialist

Stephanie is a graduate of East Bay High School and has been with the Chambers Group for five years. She is married and has two daughters.

Frannie Weghorn, Corporate Admin Staff, Kentucky

Collections Specialist

Frannie graduated high school in 2008, she also graduated in the top 10 percent of her class. She has 2 years of service with Chambers Medical Group. Frannie has a heavy Administrative background. Her family includes her boyfriend, her 2 dogs, Bubba and Dottie, and she has no children. Frannie enjoys shopping, pampering herself, watching movies and exercising in her spare time.

Gina Austin, Corporate, Admin Staff

Medical Billing Specialist

Gina graduated Plant City High School in 1975. Gina has 18 years of service with Chambers Medical Group. Gina is married to Earl Austin and they have a 3 kids, Kyle, Kirk, and Melissa. She also has 2 grandkids and 2 dogs named Cody and Taz. Gina enjoys motorcycle riding and water skiing in her spare time.

Rebecca Der, Corporate, Admin Staff

Medical Claims/Billing Specialist

Rebecca received her associates in Buss Administration at Florida Metropolitan University. She also served for the Red Cross on the military base in Fort Benning, Georgia. Rebecca’s experience includes working many years in the working environment from temporary work to permanent positions. She is experienced in filing, data entry, and billing. Rebecca has over 5 year’s service with Chambers Medical Group. Rebecca is married to Rob Der, they have one son Conor who is 10 years old, and a cat and a dog. Rebecca enjoys swimming, reading, hanging out with her friends, and shopping in her spare time.

Lisa Keene, Corporate, Admin Staff

Accounts Receivable

15 years of service with Chambers Medical Group. Lisa has 1 son who is 22 yrs old, and one dog named Major.

Amy Kerr, Corporate / Florida

MRI Coordinator & Licensed Massage Therapist

Amy got her degree from Suncoast school for Massage Therapy in Tampa, FL.  Amy has 12 years of Massage Therapy experience, and 11 years of service with Chambers Medical Group.

Tammie Roberts, Corporate, Admin Staff

Accounts Receivable Supervisor.

Tammie has more than 25 years of Medical administrative support. Tammie is married with 5 children, 4 grandchildren, and a cat named Cooper. In Tammie’s spare times she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, she also is on a bowling league for the Department of Transportation. She also enjoys going to the beach in sunny Florida any chance she can.